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iBid2Save is stocked with lots of major brand phones, from top manufacturers. If you are old enough to walk to school alone, chances are you have your own cell phone. It's no wonder the I-Phone is a popular gift request amongst youngsters and adults alike- if not for the apps alone! You can't walk down a street in today's world and not see someone on their phone or texting someone - everyone uses one and it's a gift anyone would love. Time and time again we hear people say they feel lost or naked without their phone. Whether it's the I-Phone or the Android: you name it, iBid2Save has it - and for a low price penny auction. It's a slam dunk gift to your loved one, or to yourself - either way you can't go wrong with a zippy new phone. If you get the winning bid, you pay the low auction price plus shipping costs, and you have a new phone!

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