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How is ibid2SAVE different?

Earn Bids:

At iBid2SAVE, not only can you purchase bids with cash, but you also have the ability to earn bids. All you need to do is navigate over to our partner offers by clicking “Earn Bids” in the top navigation menu. Once you have done that, you will have access to amazing deals through our partners which will not only get you great deals but additional promo bids added to your ibid2SAVE account. These offers, both free and paid, can include fantasy sports leagues, free games, free trial offers, discounts to your favorite magazines at up to 91% off standard purchase rates and much, much MORE!

Ibid2SAVE Prime:

We offer ibid2SAVE Prime, which gives members the exclusive privilege of free shipping and handling for an entire year at ibid2SAVE. To kick off ibid2SAVE and ibid2SAVE Prime, we are offering it at an introductory rate of $79.99 per year instead of the normal retail price of $99.99. You can purchase ibid2SAVE Prime in the store, along with all of our bid packs. Free shipping and handling applies to both items from auctions won and 'Buy It Now' items.


Each user at ibid2SAVE can customize their account in two ways. Avatars can be selected to represent your account and will be visible on the bidding screen. With a large selection of avatars, you can pick which one you like best. A second way we allow you to customize your profile is with a personalized slogan. Personal slogans are a great way to make your ibid2SAVE user profile stand out.

* Personal Slogans can only be updated every 12 hours. They cannot contain advertising messages, URLs, profanity, foul language, threats, hate speech, anything with malicious intent and may not be used for personal communication. Failure to comply with these rules will lead to account termination and loss of all bids. ibid2SAVE is focused on maintaining a fun and family friendly environment. If you have any specific questions pertaining to personal slogans, please contact support.

Buy It Now:

This feature allows us to ensure you never need to walk away without an item if you don’t happen to be the auction winner. Each item can be purchased at its value price any time after placing your first bid. Not only can you purchase the item, but any cash bids you have placed during that specific auction will count towards your purchase. You can Buy It Now any time after you place at least one cash bid on an auction for up to 8 hours after the auction has ended. This will be of great benefit if you plan on purchasing the product already as you will have the opportunity to get it for much less through bidding.

Listen to Streaming Music:

Never have to leave the ibid2save website, and listen to streaming music while you bid! Choose from a number of channels until you find the station that is playing your song, and get ready to jam out while you bid!