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New to ibid2SAVE?

How to Get Started Bidding

It's easy and fun to get started bidding on ibid2SAVE! This is how to get started in just a few quick steps:

1. Register

You will need to register before you can start bidding on the amazing deals offered on ibid2SAVE. Registration is free and only takes a few short minutes. You may receive a confirmation email after your registration is completed. Follow the link in the confirmation email to activate your account.

2. Purchase Bids

Cash Bids cost only $0.60, and are purchased in Bid Packs. ibid2SAVE accepts a variety of payment methods, including: Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. After purchasing a bid pack, your account will be credited. ibid2SAVE rewards ibid2SAVE users who purchase larger bid packs by attaching a greater number of Promo Bids to the Bid Packs. For more information on the difference between Cash Bids and Promo Bids, please visit the ‘Buy It Now’ Explained category under ibid2SAVE 101.

3. Pick a Product

We post amazing new deals every day on our site, including the latest electronics, home appliances, gift cards, additional bid packages and other great items. Where else would you be able to find such a great selection? Take a look at our auction list, find something you like and start bidding!

4. Place your bids and win!

Placing a bid is easy! Just click the 'Bid' button and your bid is placed. Each bid you place is deducted from your Account and adds additional time to the clock when a bid is placed and the auction clock is under 20 seconds. This gives other users an opportunity to bid and is how an auction on ibid2SAVE works.

5. Earn more bids!

ibid2SAVE users will have the option of earning more bids by clicking on the 'Get Free Bids' link on the homepage. On the ‘Get Free Bids’ page, you will have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different offers that are free to fill out or require a purchase in order to earn promo bids. ibid2SAVE users can also earn bids by clicking on the invite friends button and following the steps or by downloading the ibid2SAVE Toolbar.

Being the last bidder when the timer reaches zero makes YOU THE WINNER! If for any reason you need to leave your computer you can use the ibid2SAVE auto bidder to place bids for you. It sets the bidding process on autopilot.

How Does ibid2SAVE Work?

The cost of each Cash bid is only $0.60 and can be purchased in packs of bids. These Cash bids are all pre-paid and added to your account along with the Promo Bids that are bundled with the bid pack you purchase. Every time you place a bid, it will be deducted from your account balance and will increase the auction price by usually 1 cent. The upper left corner of each auction will let you know the incremental, or the price increase, for each bid placed. Additional time is then added to the auction timer when you place a bid under 20 seconds. This lets other users have the opportunity to counter-bid if they are interested. It is very similar to an auctioneer, at a traditional auction, shouting "Going once, Going twice, SOLD!"

Just like a traditional auction, being the last one to bid makes you the winner. You then must pay the final auction price, the auction fee, and any shipping costs if you are not a Prime Member, and then the item is yours! However, ibid2SAVE offers Free Shipping and Handling for an entire year when you sign up as an ibid2SAVE Prime member. See the 'How we are Different' category under the ibid2SAVE 101 section.

Here is where it's different than a traditional auction: If you don't win an auction, you can't reclaim the Promo bids you have used, but you can use our "Buy It Now" option on every one of our auctions! Using the "Buy It Now" option subtracts the value of the cash bids you've placed (not including promo bids) from the total value price of the item, and you only need to pay the difference.

So as an example, let's say you spend 20 Cash bids trying to win a $20 priced product, but you are not the auction winner. Your 20 Cash bids are worth $12 (20 x $0.60), so if you decide to use "Buy It Now", you will pay $8 plus shipping. *Please take note that the "Buy It Now" only gives you credit for real Cash bids only. Promo bids do not apply.

Because we offer the "Buy It Now" option on every auction, the risk of bidding on an auction is greatly lowered if you plan to purchase the product anyway.

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase Bids?

Bid Packs are available for purchase in the ibid2SAVE bid store. Each Cash bid costs $0.60, and are bundled with a certain amount of Promo Bids depending on what bid pack you choose to purchase. ibid2SAVE accepts Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

If You Are Unable to Receive ibid2SAVE Email

Sometimes our emails get sent to your spam folder; please look there if you are missing our emails. If it is not located in your spam folder, please email us at [email protected] and explain the issue you are having. Always email us from the email address you registered with on ibid2SAVE. We strongly suggest that you add [email protected] to your address book so that you will be sure to receive all our emails in the future.

Why are we called ibid2SAVE?

Well, by bidding you can save up to 90% off retail price. It's as simple as that, really!

Now go refer your friends to ibid2SAVE and you will receive free promo bids if they sign up and purchase a bid pack. Use the "Refer a Friend" link or tools provided in your account information.

Can Everyone Win?

The answer is... Yes! Even if you don't win the auction you were bidding on, you never have to walk away empty handed. At any time after you've placed a Cash bid in an auction, you are given the option to buy the product at the auction's value price using the "Buy It Now" option.

Are Products Used or Brand-New?

Every product auctioned on ibid2SAVE is brand new!


What does it mean to bid? How does bidding work?

Users are given the option to purchase bid packages of various sizes to use in the auctions of their choosing. You can bid on all sorts of popular merchandise such as iPads, tools, appliances, gift cards and more!

When a bid is submitted to an auction, the price of the item on which the user is bidding increases by usually $0.01. As an auction reaches the end of its corresponding "Auction Time", each new bid resets the "Auction Timer" to a predetermined time. This gives all users an equal chance to bid and win an auction. The auction time for each of the auctions is shown on the screen. The auction ends when the Auction Timer reaches zero. The last user to bid when the time runs out wins!

You can place Bids on any Auction either by manually clicking on the 'bid' button on an auction listing or by using the "Automatic Bidding" function, called the auto bidder. Automatic Bidding is a means of bidding automatically on an auction according to your instructions, even if you are not logged into the ibid2SAVE website or are not online. When using Automatic Bidding, you must use caution in order to ensure that you have set up the Automatic Bidding function properly in accordance with your desires when bidding on any particular auction.

How do I purchase bids?

Once you have registered, you can select "Buy Bids" at the top of the ibid2SAVE home screen. The price of a bid will vary depending on the Bid Package of your choice. Select the Bid Pack that's right for you and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your purchase. ibid2SAVE accepts Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

It's that easy! You're ready to start bidding. Now get out there and start crushing your competition!

How do I use the ‘Buy It Now’ option?

With the ibid2SAVE ‘Buy It Now’ feature, you can purchase any product of an auction in which you participate up to 8 hours after the auction is over. Any bids you place during an auction (excluding promo bids) will be discounted from the value price of the item. Promo bids will not at any time count toward the ‘Buy It Now’ or BIN price (value price). In addition, ‘Buy It Now’ purchases will not count toward your daily or 28-day win limit. It is also important to understand the ‘Buy It Now’ feature has no daily or monthly limit, and each ibid2SAVE auction will continue on, even if a user chooses to ‘Buy It Now’.

We require that users bid at least one time in any given auction before they can use the ‘Buy It Now’ feature. On no occasion will the ‘Buy It Now’ price fall below $0.00, even if the discounted sum of all bids is greater than the Value Price of the item itself.

If the value of your bids amounts to greater than the value price, you will purchase the product for $0.00. Any extra bids you use in that auction will not be returned. The purchase price will under no circumstance be negative.

Here's an example of how your discount for the ‘Buy It Now’ option is calculated:

Value Price: $200.00

Discount: Cash Bids Placed x Bid Price: 200 x $0.60 =  $120.00

‘Buy It Now’ Price: Shipping/Taxes (if applicable) + $80.00

The ‘Buy It Now’ price is updated every time you place a new bid.

Once you reach the ‘Buy It Now’ or BIN price, we do not allow you to continue bidding. You would not save any money by continuing the auction. The best thing to do at this point is to make use of the ‘Buy It Now’. We do this to protect you and ensure you never over pay when you don’t have to!

How Does an Auto bidder Work?

Automatic Bidding is a means of bidding automatically on an auction according to your instructions, even if you are not logged into the ibid2SAVE website or are not online. An auto- bidder will ensure that your bids reach your auction every time the Auction Timer falls below 20 seconds. With an auto bidder on your side, you'll never have to worry about being online or losing your connection during an auction!

Auto bidder Process:

  • An Auto bidder will bid whenever the auction timer drops below 5 seconds. The Auto bidders will decide at which point during that last 5 seconds to place your bid along with any other ibid2SAVE users whom currently have an Auto bidder activated on the same auction. Deciding on which ibid2SAVE users have bids placed at what price using the Auto bidder rotates in order of when a particular ibid2SAVE user activates an Auto bidder, and participates in the auction. New ibid2SAVE users who activate their Auto bidder while there are currently other Auto bidders activated will jump to the front of the rotation.
  • When an auction reaches its conclusion, all unused Auto bidder bids will remain in your account.
  • You may assign one Auto bidder at a time.
  • You cannot activate an Auto bidder for an auction when the timer has 2 seconds or less on the clock.

Auto bidders may not be available in every auction, so keep this in mind when creating your bidding strategy.

What are Promo Bids?

From time to time, ibid2SAVE may offer you the opportunity to receive "Promo Bids," which are normally associated with a particular promotion, bid coupons, Promo Bid auctions, or earned bids as a result of a particular action by a user such as referring a friend, downloading the ibid2SAVE Toolbar, completing a sponsored survey from the 'Earn Bids' section, or purchasing a sponsored item from the ‘Earn Bids’ section.

Promo Bids are only valid until the earliest of the following:

  • Six (6) months after the Promo Bid is credited to your user account
  • When You place the Promo Bid in any auction
  • The termination of Your Account by ibid2SAVE

Promo Bids may not be used toward the purchase of any product using the ‘Buy It Now’ function of the ibid2SAVE website.

Can I select which bid type to use during an auction?

Cash bids will always be depleted before the use of promotional bids.

I want to see my Bidding History. How do I find it?

Click on "My Bids" and then go to "Bidding History". You will see the auctions in which you participated.

Do my Cash Bids Expire?

Yes. Real Cash Bids expire at the earliest of the following:

  • Three years after the Cash Bid is credited to your user account
  • You place the bid in any auction
  • The termination of Your Account, by ibid2SAVE

All bids are a limited license for you to participate in an ibid2SAVE auction and each Bid has no monetary value.

I've Placed a Bid but I'm Not Currently showing as the Highest Bidder, Why?

There will be many bidders involved in these auctions. Most of these bidders will be trying their hardest, just like you, to win an item. ibid2SAVE orders bids in the time in which they were placed. Someone may have bid immediately after you. Just be patient, use your chosen strategy, you'll get 'em!

What's the Best Way to Win an Auction?

Please check the ibid2SAVE 101 Section for Tips & Strategies.

Shipping & Returns

Why didn't I receive my order?

Often, the item is on its way but just hasn't arrived yet. Delivery times vary for different items listed on ibid2SAVE. Many of our items are shipped directly to you from our supplier while others are not. Items are usually shipped or ordered from ibid2SAVE within 14 business days from the time you paid for the auction item. As soon as your item has been shipped, we will let you know by sending an email and marking your order as shipped in your account. We cannot guarantee a shipping date for items and delays can happen. Please check your email and your account often for any updates or notifications regarding your items.

If your product has not yet been marked shipped within 14 business days of the purchase date or been received within 24 days of the purchase date, please contact our Customer Support so that we can assist you in locating and delivering your item to you as soon as possible. Once in a while, an item may be out of stock which could add a delay in shipment.

Order Tracking

If tracking information was provided for your shipment order, then you will have the ability to view the information in your ibid2SAVE account or we will provide it to you by email. We cannot provide tracking information over the phone.

Return Policy

You have the right to cancel or return any order in accordance with ibid2SAVE's Returns Policy, which ibid2SAVE may change from time to time in ibid2SAVE's sole discretion. If you desire to cancel an order to which the cancellation provisions apply, you will be entitled to a refund of any cash paid toward the Total Purchase Price, including shipping and handling charges, but only if no items have been shipped. Promo Bids and Cash Bids placed on the auction for the item purchased are not eligible for any credit or refund. Please read the ibid2SAVE Terms & Conditions for full Return Policy. Anything stated in the ibid2SAVE Terms & Conditions overrides any other information on the ibid2SAVE website.

Some exceptions may apply. If an exception does apply, it will be noted on the auction's return information on the individual auction page. Exclusions also include any auction for Promo Bids which is nontransferable and nonrefundable. If you are found to be in bad standing due to fraudulent behavior, excessive refund requests, or other such behavior, you are deemed to be in breach of these Terms & Conditions and will not be eligible for a refund.

If you wish to cancel or return an order, you must inform ibid2SAVE in writing by email to [email protected] that you want to cancel or return the item within the time period as stated in the Terms & Conditions. Cancellations and returns by phone will not be accepted. The following information must be included in your email: Your user name, Order Number, and a brief description of the reason for your cancellation. Once received, ibid2SAVE will provide you a Return Authorization Number to be included with the item(s) being returned.

In order to complete a cancellation or return, you must return the received product or products in new condition. All shipping expenses for returns will be paid by you unless goods are found to be defective. ibid2SAVE will not accept a return if you are unable to return the service or product received or are only able to return it in part or in a damaged or used condition.


Should ibid2SAVE not be able to deliver the product ordered for any reason, you will have the option to accept an alternative but comparable item, as determined by ibid2SAVE in its sole discretion, or receive a refund of the Total Purchase Price you have paid.

Defective products:

Items that are defective upon arrival can be returned or replaced for a refund within 30 days.

Return shipping costs:

We will not reimburse you for any return shipping costs unless an item you received was found to be defective, incorrect, or damaged. If we are unable to provide a return label for you to use, we will reimburse you for the cost of shipping in promo bids credited to your account. We ship the product replacement to you at no cost to yourself, and we use every possible method to make sure that the replacement order is processed as soon as possible.

How to Return Items to ibid2SAVE

We are very sorry that you received an item that you are unhappy with. If this happens, we will fix your problem as soon as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible at 1-888-240-5288 or by email at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you. Please read our Terms & Conditions before contacting us.

Exceptions for Returns:

We have a very flexible return policy on many items that we offer through ibid2SAVE, however there are some exceptions to our rules. Please read our Terms & Conditions for the exceptions.

Shipping Rate per item

Shipping costs of items will vary and will be shown on the product bidding screen. This charge will also be viewable upon checkout. ibid2SAVE offers FREE shipping and handling for a year when you become an ibid2SAVE Prime User. If you would like to learn more information about ibid2SAVE Prime, visit ibid2SAVE 101, Find the How are we Different section, Click on ibid2SAVE Prime.


What kind of auction am I dealing with here?

It's very simple. Users place bids on auctions pertaining to products of interest.

Each individual bid placed in an auction increases the final auction price by usually $0.01 at a time. The last bidder when the Auction Timer reaches zero wins! This is the motivating force that drives our auctions.

What do I do once I've won an Auction?

You've won your first auction! Give yourself a high five and follow these simple steps:

When the auction ends, you will be immediately redirected to a page where you'll be asked to confirm that you won the auction item for which you placed your bids. This page will walk you through the check-out process until you've effectively reached your personalized payment confirmation page. ibid2SAVE will request payment information for every auction won, regardless of how many items you have won in the past. Once you confirm and pay for your item, we'll confirm your payment via email and ship it. If the item has not been marked as shipped within 14 business days, please contact [email protected] for additional assistance.

We require that our users confirm and pay for their auction item with a 48 hour period after the auction has ended. If you fail to meet this expectation within the given time period, we will be forced to assume that you no longer want the product. When this happens, it is offered to the person who bid immediately before you, so they can take advantage of the deal.

I live outside the United States. Can I still bid?

We currently operate only within the bounds of the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience, though we hope you will join us again soon once expansion begins. In the meantime, stay updated with the latest in ibid2SAVE news by "liking" our Facebook fan page or "following" us on Twitter.

Auction Limits

ibid2SAVE allows a maximum of 25 product wins and 10 promo bid auction wins within a 28-day period.

In addition, users may only win a maximum of 10 auctions within a 24 hour period.

Cash bids will always be used up in a user's account before promo bids. In addition, only cash bids lost in an auction will be eligible for use with our "Buy It Now" feature.

We implement auction limits to ensure that every ibid2SAVE user has a fair experience.

How do I know when an Auction has ended?

Auctions end when the timers on the ibid2SAVE servers reach zero.

Why does ibid2SAVE add time to the Auction Clock?

Whenever a user places a bid, time is added to the Auction Clock. Our clock is designed this way to give other potential users a chance to bid on an auction before the time runs out. Much like a traditional auction, it's going once, going twice, and then SOLD to the highest bidder!

The increments of time added to the auction timer will fluctuate based on the type of auction currently being handled.

Can I redeem Coupons or Discounts with ibid2SAVE?

The neat thing about ibid2SAVE that you won't find with other auction sites is that we allow users not only to buy bids but to earn bids. Whenever a user fills out an offer requesting information for FREE or buys a sponsored product from our Offer Wall, their purchase is immediately rewarded with FREE promo bids! You can earn promo bids on ibid2SAVE, and participate in ibid2SAVE auctions without having to commit to a Cash bid package. Pretty cool right!

Promo Bid coupons are also given out from time to time, and can only be used once per customer.

Can I watch an Auction?

If you see an auction that you would like to watch, you can do so by clicking any of our auctions.

Auction Ending price versus Value price?

Auction End price

The auction end price is the price of the auction item when the timer reaches zero. The winner of the auction will purchase the subject item for this price.

Value price

The value price is the price for which a user can purchase an item by utilizing the ibid2SAVE "Buy It Now" feature. This is based off the products retail or MSRP price.

MSRP + (# of bids attached X $0.60) = Value Price

Top 10 Site Questions

Why does the timer add seconds near the end of an auction when a user bids?

This is how a penny auction works. ibid2SAVE wants to give each user the chance to place bids during an auction, so we add seconds to the timer which emulates the "Going once, Going twice, SOLD" of a more traditional auction setting.

Why does ibid2SAVE cost $0.60 per bid?

Each Cash bid comes at a cost which is paid to ibid2SAVE, this is how our business model works. You may purchase Cash bids in bid packs that are bundled with Promo Bids, which then get deposited into your account and are available for you to use. Once you buy a bid pack, you may then join in and bid in any auction listed on the ibid2SAVE website.

Is bidding on ibid2SAVE gambling or a lottery?

NO. Online gambling is not something ibid2SAVE is involved in. Gambling also implies an element of chance, every auction on ibid2SAVE is controlled by our customers, and there is no random chance. ibid2SAVE is considered an auction.

ibid2SAVE has a "Buy It Now" option on every auction. Users who have participated in a specific auction will have the opportunity to apply their Cash Bids used to the value price of the auction item. Either you win the auctioned item or you have the ability to purchase it.

ibid2SAVE has an auction firm license from the State of North Carolina.

I already spent bids and didn't win in the auction. Can I get my used bids back?

All sales on ibid2SAVE are final and nonrefundable. Once you place any bid on an auction, it is deducted from your account balance and it can no longer be used or refunded, irrespective of whether or not the bid is successful. All Cash Bids, Promo Bids, and Bid Packs are nontransferable. If you have any questions regarding Cash Bids, Promo Bids, or Bid Packs please contact customer service at [email protected].

Why are some items listed on ibid2SAVE more expensive than prices that are posted on sites like Amazon?

We have relationships with certain suppliers and do our best to obtain products at the best possible prices. Unfortunately, some items are difficult to acquire in bulk because of distribution channel restrictions. These circumstances are beyond our control and we are always looking for better ways to get the best possible prices for our customers. Websites such as Amazon are not traditional retail, but discount merchants. So the prices listed are not ‘retail’ but discount pricing. We list value prices at MSRP or retail pricing.

I set my auto bidder, but the auction ended. Why didn't my auto bidder work? Have I lost any of my bids?

The auto bidder feature allows you to bid on an auction even if you are away from your computer for any reason. Most likely you have used all the bids you have allowed the auto bidder to use. The auto bidder will only end when you have won the auction, run out of bids that you have allowed the auto bidder to use, or reached the Buy It Now or BIN price.

I noticed some of the same usernames in multiple auctions. Does ibid2SAVE have any bots or fake users?

NO! ibid2SAVE does not use any bots or fake bidders. Using methods such as these, to drive bidding up (or for any other reason) conflicts with our terms of service and company policy. We would never do anything like this.

The reason you see the same username in different auctions is because we allow our users to bid in multiple auctions at once, so it's possible to see a username in multiple auctions at the same time.

Why do I sometimes notice a new bidder place a bid and then leave the auction?

Usually, a bidder who does this is not following a specific strategy and may be new to ibid2SAVE. We suggest that all new users read ibid2SAVE 101, which offers tips and tricks to using and potentially WINNING at ibid2SAVE auctions.

Sometimes I notice that when I bid, the timer lags for over a second. Why does this happen?

Occasionally, lag issues can pop up usually due to your location, internet service, browser, and innumerable other factors. ibid2SAVE recommends that you use a browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to help optimize your experience bidding on the site.

Can I be refunded if I have not used my purchased bid packs in an auction? What if I have used them in an auction?

All sales on ibid2SAVE are final and nonrefundable. Once you place any bid on an auction, it is deducted from your account balance and it can no longer be used or refunded, irrespective of whether or not the bid is successful. All Cash Bids, Promo Bids, and Bid Packs are nontransferable. If you have any questions regarding Cash Bids, Promo Bids, or Bid Packs please contact customer service at [email protected].

How can I earn bids?

At ibid2SAVE, users will have the ability to earn more bids by clicking on 'Get Free Bids' on the homepage. Once on the earn bids page, you will have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of offers that are free to fill out or require a purchase, download the ibid2SAVE Toolbar or like us on Facebook in order to earn additional promo bids. Depending on which offers you choose to participate in, the amount in bids that you will earn and how long it will take to receive your bids vary from offer to offer. Be sure to read the details of each offer to get this information.