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Welcome to one of the fastest growing and exciting web experiences you might ever encounter: iBid2Save. You might have heard about the penny auction phenomenon and were wondering what all the buzz is about. Here at iBid2Save you'll get all your questions answered about how to jump in on the bidding action and save up to 90% off some very valuable merchandise.

We're also going to provide you with tips from the penny auction pros to help you go from "rookie" to "professional auction winner." The goal is to get fantastic products into your hand at a fraction of the retail cost. Don't forget we want to hear from you. Please send any comments, questions or auction suggestions!

Ten of the Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make

If you've bid on items at another auction site such as eBay then you know there can be only one winner, unless of course you're buying the product right out of the gate. The iBid2Save auctions are built on the simple concept of rewarding the last bidder, not the highest bid. Still, there are some rookie mistakes you can avoid to increase your chances of success on iBid2Save.

#1: Don't Go "All In" On Every Auction

As you take your first glance at the amazing products being offering on iBid2Save, you'll be tempted to jump right in and grab the first iPad or MacBook being offered for such a ridiculously low price. Once you've place your first bid on a popular item, you may see other bidders getting in on the action which might compel you to go "all in" with your entire bid account. Mistake! If you use up all your bids on one fast auction, you aren't maximizing your chances to win. Realize that with popular items there will always be another auction coming along. Be realistic with your goals and your bidding. Try using your chosen strategy on some smaller priced auctions first. Get a couple wins underneath your belt and then stockpile bids to go after the more expensively priced auctions.

#2: Understand the Auction Model

Anyone used to bidding on typical auction sites like eBay know that as the clock runs down, if they are the highest bidder, they win. The excitement of the penny auctions on iBid2Save is that the clock ticks up, not down, when the clock is under 20 seconds during any particular auction. This is actually a benefit for bidders who may arrive late to a particular auction. It also adds to the fun. This doesn't mean that every auction will go on forever. You just have to know when to jump in. You can learn this by watching the progress of a few of the live auctions first. Also, try to get information on what a similar item has sold for in the past in the closed auction section. Once you get the hang of things and understand how the iBid2Save auction works, you'll be in a stronger position to win.

#3: Not Using the Buy Now Option

All of the products offered on iBid2Save are brand new. This means these are the real deal items like you would buy from any retailer. So, even if you don't win an auction, you could have the option to "buy now" by applying any Cash Bids towards the total value price of the auction item you were bidding on. Simply come up with the difference when you check out using the Buy Now option up to 8 hours after any auction has ended and ibid2SAVE will give you the item!

#4: Not Working Your Watchlist

At any given time there could be literally hundreds, if not thousands, of products up for auction on iBid2Save every day. The best way to keep track all your active auctions and any other auction is to power up your iBid2Save Watchlist. Working your watchlist lets you make informed bidding decisions.

#5: Not Embracing the ibid2SAVE Competitive Shopping Auction Model

If there was no iBid2Save, there would be no opportunity to get incredible discounts on merchandise like video games, 4G phones, gift cards, appliances, iPads, and more! You'd be stuck paying full retail price most of the time with maybe a measly discount or two. Embracing the ibid2SAVE concept is a good thing. Ecommerce is here to stay. Ibid2SAVE offers you the comfort of shopping online for desired merchandise and gives you the ability to compete against fellow consumers on our friendly penny auction platform.

#6: Not Getting to Know Your Competition

If you consistently see the same people in auctions you are participating in, then it would be wise to start taking notes on how they bid. Use this knowledge to make adjustments in your strategy if you feel it's necessary.

#7: Not Participating in Earning Bids

Ibid2SAVE gives you two great options to Earn Bids through inviting friends and our unique special offer wall. Ibid2SAVE offers you additional value by giving you the opportunity to not come out of pocket to participate in our auctions through these options. Make sure you take advantage of them both regularly!

# 8 Not Having Enough Bids

If you know you are going to be very active in bidding on a number of auctions. Make sure you have enough bids in your account to be ready to apply your chosen strategy, be prepared!

#9 Not adapting to the Ibid2SAVE auction environment

Ibid2SAVE will make adjustments to how many auctions are hosted daily dependent on a number of variables. It is important to pay attention to what auctions are hosted and when they are hosted. Using this information may assist you to determine when the best time for you to bid for the items you want is due to possible less competition from other ibid2SAVE users.

# 10 Make Sure to have Fun!

Ibid2SAVE provides a great deal of entertainment while shopping. Make sure to get comfortable, kick on some tunes, and have fun shopping from the comfort of your chosen computer, tablet, or phone device!